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Take a structured, scientific-backed approach to your ACL rehab using cutting-edge techniques with a professional who not only experienced rupturing his own ACL and walked the path you're on but has also helped rehab countless others!

"I ruptured 3 ACLs before the age of 25"

I did a standard ‘physio’ rehab and got back to the same place every time. I’ve been frustrated before with poor objective measurements and a lack of an overall view of the body. I understand personally what it takes to get back on the pitch or field. And professionally. I’ve worked with the best knee specialist in Australia, keeping me up to date with the cutting-edge science of knee rehabilitation. I’ve rehabbed dozens of knees back to health with a holistic view of the body, for good!


We take a holistic approach to knee rehabilitation, not only focusing on the knee itself and getting it strong – but the adjacent joints surrounding it such as the hip and ankle which can place undue stress on the knee itself if they aren’t fully functioning, as well as poor overall movement patterns. We also focus heavily on recovery and regeneration strategies such as nutrition and sleep to speed up the recovery process.
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Recovery from Surgery


Strength & Neuromuscular Control


Running, Landings, Impact


Max Strength & Speed


Return to Sport


Prevention of Re-Injury



$ 230
  • Functional Movement Screen & Strength Testing
  • Goal Setting & Plan of Management
  • Individualised 8-Week Online Exercise Program
  • Program Adjustments & Access to Our Coaches
  • Injury-Specific Resilience Training ($399)
  • Joint Specific Mobility Training ($399)


$ 200
  • 1:1 Strength Rehab Session ($160)
  • Functional Movement Screen & Strength Testing ($299)
  • Individualised Rehab Program on TrainHeroic ($59 Value P/W)
  • Unlimited Program Updates & 24/7 Access to Your Coach (Priceless)
  • Free Access to Recovery Tools ($50 Value P/W)
  • Injury-Specific Resilience Training ($399)
  • Joint Specific Mobility Training ($399)
  • Recover Like Wolverine ($399)
  • The Art of Breath ($399)
  • UnF*ck Your Feet ($399)
  • How To Eat With Purpose ($399)


An ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury is a tear or sprain of the anterior cruciate ligament, one of the major ligaments in your knee. The ACL is a tough band of tissue that joins the thigh bone to the shin bone at the knee. ACL injuries most commonly occur during sports that involve sudden stops or changes in direction, jumping and landing, such as soccer, basketball, football, and downhill skiing.

Symptoms of an ACL injury typically include:

  • A loud “pop” or a “popping” sensation in the knee
  • Severe pain and inability to continue activity
  • Rapid swelling
  • Loss of range of motion
  • A feeling of instability or “giving way” with weight-bearing


Integrating cutting edge sport science to get you back on your feet FASTER

Vald Force Decks

Elite force platforms used to track key athletic performance or rehabilitation measures.

Vald Dynamo

State of the art hand held isometric strength tester.

Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs

Used to increase metabolic demand without the loading but with all the benefits of having done so.

EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation)

Electrical stimulation to the injured muscle to get it going again faster post surgery or injury.



Josephine Spooner
Josephine Spooner
During my rowing experience at St Margaret’s from 2018-2022, Dane was our strength and conditioning coach. He helped my crew and shed tremendously. He built our strength and technique in the gym with his deep technical knowledge and encouragement over the course of approx 10 months each year. He not only helped us physically, but also mentally through the mental challenges of rowing and also balancing school with sport. Evidently, our work with him paid off as my crew won the most important race, the Head of the River 2022.
Jeamie De Guzman
Jeamie De Guzman
Dane has been helping my daughter Allegra work on her back pain management through his physical exercise programs. My daughter s a young elite golf athlete who started getting back pains 2 years ago while her developing 14 year old body copes with the strain of golf performing. Dane has assisted Allegra in getting stronger by working on her core strengths, nutrition and overall health balancing which has helped Allegra to be one of the top junior golf elite girls in Queensland.
Pia Malouf
Pia Malouf
I’ve been seeing Dane since I was in school and couldn’t recommend him enough. He has guided and taught me so many things when it comes to strength and conditioning and taking care of your body. His attention to detail when creating programs is amazing and guides injury prevention and to work and recover from injuries whilst still being able to perform in the gym. I continue to circle back to the technique and mobility skills Dane has taught me in my everyday life and would be lost without it.
Ruby Greenup
Ruby Greenup
Had the privilege of being coached by Dane while rowing at school. Dane is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of physical and mental wellness. He helped advance us physically and adjusted programme’s to complement our on-water sessions throughout the season. He also worked through active recovery, meditation, and breath-work with us, which I continue to implement day to day.
Ivy Galguierra
Ivy Galguierra
Dane has been an integral part of my rehabilitation journey from having a work knee injury since March this year and knowing that I have previously suffered from a lower back injury in the past. I love his holistic approach! He is very knowledgeable and has taught me the importance of combining nutrition, hydration, sleep, meditation and exercise. He listens with empathy and is well intuned with the roller-coaster of emotions and pain levels that I have experienced in my 6 month journey thus far. He has sofisticated equipment he uses to record and track my progress, videos I follow with ease on an app which I've been able to do exercises independently from home or in the office. Initially I was doing hydrotherapy exercises in the pool and Dane informed me of the benefits of cold immersion and breathwork which I've been absolutely loving the results! I was at a low point when my GP and Specialist had told me that even if I have surgery I would only be able to get to 70% recovery. Dane has helped me overcome these thoughts, motivated and encouraged me whilst getting stronger from week to week. I'm now doing weights in the gym using Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs which have been a massive game changer and surprising myself on how far I've come. I'm so grateful to Dane for his professionalism and friendly nature where I look forward to having a few laughs at each session. I can not recommend Dane enough if anyone who is looking for an EP that will really listen to you, help you in your own recovery journey and/or goals to improve your health and fitness levels no matter what your age! I'm looking forward to being at work onboard trains again soon! Choo choo! 🚂 Thank you so much Dane!🙏
Hayley Wilkinson
Hayley Wilkinson
Unreal! Dane knows his stuff and for anyone needing to reprogram their muscles post injury or illness this is exactly why you get this guy! Dane is used by experts because he is exactly that. Dane has exceptional personable skills making him very easy to communicate with and he’s worked with people of all ages, shapes and sizes. For me personally I have gone from strength to strength with his program post knee and back issues/surgery.
Amelia Baker
Amelia Baker
Dane is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and I recommend him to anyone dealing with pain or injury. At my first appointment I had severe neck pain and spasms and was barely active. After a couple months of training I’m pain free and back to my usual level of activity, but heaps stronger! Because of the excellent rehab I was able to begin my yoga instructor training and my body feels better than ever.
In such a competitive industry Dane’s knowledge and genuine nature is incomparable. He’s patient while keeping us goal oriented and focussed. We see Dane for functional ease and overall quality of life, thank you Dane.
Shanelle Flute
Shanelle Flute
Danes treatment and guidance has been transformative in my life. Not only did Dane help me to strengthen weaknesses in my performance and knee mobility but he helped transition my mindset and exercise philosophy. I was treated by Dane 3 years ago for knee tendonitis but his impact has lasted much longer than the initial injury. I am still referring to mobility exercises and the heavy lifting basics that I utilise day in and day out. Having a shoulder reconstruction since, I often return to the recovery guidance from Dane and his techniques to help train my brain. I couldn’t recommend Dane highly enough for young athletes and open-minded people wanting to redefine exercise and health.
Clare Osler
Clare Osler
Dane is an amazing Ex Phys! He has helped guide & educate me through injury rehab & now I'm moving with confidence & minimal pain. He understands the injury rehab/pain management isn't just a physical thing & the mental, nutrition & sleep/recovery aspects are just as important for success. I highly recommend Dane to anyone looking for an Ex Phys.


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