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How to Eat Like a Champion

Nutrition these days is such a hotly debated topic. It’s like politics; everyone has an opinion, so it’s hard to know what’s important and why it matters. So let’s try and take the guesswork out of it! Your body is a super complex and intricate design with thousands of unique features, but let’s just consider […]

How to Get Out Of A Funk

From a very underqualified 30 year old.   We live in a wonderful world. It’s truly unique and mesmerizing. Sometimes it’s full of order and balance and other times it can feel like it’s thrown into the darkest despair of chaos. That’s the journey right? The highs and the lows, the ups and downs. Boy […]

Principles of Rehabilitation

Exercise Physiology Brisbane | Dane Larsen Exercise Physiologist

So, you’ve ruptured your ligament, broken a bone, torn a muscle, or banged up your knee, and you’re out for a while. You’re unsure what the goal is and might feel lost in this new process.  Don’t worry; you’re not the only one! At some point, the rehabilitation process comes for all of us, and […]

What is Mental Health, and How Can I Look After It?

You might’ve seen the term mental health pop up across your headlines more prominently recently. It seems like every day a new celebrity or athlete comes out with a mental illness. Much like some of us, they might be struggling to cope with the day-to-day affairs, a stressful life, school or university, family, job, expectations…The […]

What Is an Exercise Physiologist & Why Should I See One?

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Confused by the array of health professions out there? Let me clear things up for you. When people learn that I’m an Exercise Physiologist, the most common question I receive is, “What exactly is that?”   In simple terms, an Exercise Physiologist is your key to “Treatment Through Movement.” Whether you’re young or old, healthy […]

The Four Pillars of Health & Wellness

If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would’ve told you everything can be solved in the gym. No matter the situation, big or small, lift big weights, and you’ll be sweet. But through my own experiences of injury (3 ACL reconstructions at a young age), and that of my clients, I began to […]