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How to Get Out Of A Funk

From a very underqualified 30 year old.


We live in a wonderful world. It’s truly unique and mesmerizing. Sometimes it’s full of order and balance and other times it can feel like it’s thrown into the darkest despair of chaos. That’s the journey right? The highs and the lows, the ups and downs. Boy have I lived a few! What I’ve found though, is a simple recipe to getting back on the horse when things look gloomy, or how to stay on top of the world when you get there! It’s a fine balancing act. But when we focus on the simple things in life, it puts everything in perspective.  Without further adieu, here are my tips to living a longer, happier, healthier life!

1. Build Atomic Habits


“From little things, big things grow.”


Start small. It doesn’t matter what with. But do it, and do it well. Then do another, another, another. Small habits set the foundation for bigger ones. They get the wheels moving, and life is about momentum. It’s easy to make choices and decide when we’re on top, but when life is stagnant, indecision becomes rife. Break the mould by starting small and building traction!


2. Find a routine, and keep it!


Waking up at a regular time every morning and keeping a schedule is important to giving purpose to our day and meaning to our lives. Our body is designed to work around a circadian rhythm – we should roughly rise with the sun and go to sleep when it disappears (or some form of pattern). Routine is important, otherwise we would sleep in, lie in bed, contemplate all the things we should’ve done with our day, and before you know it it’s 2pm and you’ve achieved nothing and you feel shitty for it. So instead, go out there and tick things off your daily to do list!



3. Surround yourself with driven, like-minded or interesting people


“Birds that feather flock together – If you hang around with losers, you’ll be a loser.”


Find the people that bring the best out in you and challenge you to be the best person you can be. If you hang around with boring, uninspiring people, their energy will inhibit you. But if you surround yourself with people who want to become the best humans they can be and make the world a better place, then so will you. Motivational talkers on youtube are an amazing place for resources too. My favourites have been Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Litpon, David Goggins, Jocko Willink, Jordan Peterson.


4. Learn!


“If knowledge is power, learning is our superpower”


Bury yourself in your current topics of interest. I’ve found that when I’m not learning, I’m not at my happiest and I don’t feel like I’m moving forwards. Every time I learn something new, I feel like I’m one more step to being a more conscious human being. People that get bored don’t realise there’s a whole world out there of knowledge and there’s fascinating people to listen to. Start with a good book or podcast on any topic that interests you and makes you a more complete human!


5. Meditate, Exercise, Sleep and Eat Well!


“Do the basics well”


A hugely underestimated area – Don’t pop pills, pop life’s greatest tools! Our body is designed to be self-sufficient and self-healing. Sleep at least 8 hours every night, eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and protein, exercise for at least 30min every day, and meditate every morning. If you’re body and head are in the right mindset, you can tackle any situation. Don’t be one of those people who just survive life and go through the motions – you only get one shot, so make the most of each day!



6. Fill your life with fun stuff!


“You create everything that happens to you.”


Do all the things that make you happy – dance, sing, hike, surf, read, go to theatre, hang out with friends, take a cooking class etc etc. If you don’t have any fun stuff to fill your life, find some – as you attract the things you want in life based on the things you do. So if you currently find your life unfulfilling, what can you do to make it more fulfilling?


7. Serve Others


“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”


Life is about giving, not taking. Whenever we do something of value for another person it makes us feel good and it makes the whole world go round. Take a chance, do something nice for a friend or family member, give to charity or the homeless, go the extra mile for a client. You never know how far a small gesture of kindness may go.

8. Practice Gratitude

“We are what we choose to focus on.”

Gratitude is the ultimate way to get out of a funk. If we aren’t appreciative of what we already have, we can’t be happy in the present moment. We focus too much on what we could have, or what we could’ve had. However, if we choose to focus on all the amazing things we already have, chances are we’ll start feeling amazing too.

9. Go And DO It!

“Don’t overthink it, Just do it.”

Actions speak louder than words, and momentum doesn’t happen all on its own. Start with something on this list now. Not tomorrow, not next week. The only person that can get you out of your current state is you. You must be the active participant in your saving.



Yours in Health & Wellness,


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